About Us

Since its creation in 1973, OC Lugo has represented the needs of its North American clients through the quality and service of its global suppliers.  This symbiotic partnership between client and supplier was the cornerstone of founder Oscar Lugo’s vision. Oscar recognized the key role that a distributor could play in the development of new markets for overseas chemical producers.

As an engineer with a keen eye for solving problems, Oscar realized that internationally based chemical companies did not have effective means of penetrating the North American market.   OC Lugo became the conduit between a global network of top chemical suppliers and North American clients in need of high quality, safe and reliable chemical products.  In doing so, Oscar came to provide his North American clients with the best chemical suppliers the world had to offer.

Today, OC Lugo is a second-generation family run business.  Oscar’s son, Richard Lugo, is now President and has maintained his father’ tradition of excellence and ingenuity, while leading OC Lugo into the 21st century.  OC Lugo has grown into a manufacturing operation for the production of emergency chemical oxygen candles will while continuing to meet the needs of the military, petrochemical and marine markets through its chemical distribution unit.

To this day, Richard Lugo and his staff travel the globe to carefully select suppliers in order to provide their customers with superior chemical products.   For over 30 years, ensuring customer satisfaction with every transaction has been the cornerstone of OC Lugo’s success.

  • Military
    OCLugo’s Line of Chemical Oxygen Generators: For the last 24...
  • Diving
    Sodalime for Recreational and Commercial Rebreather Diving: Since its infancy...
  • Industrial
    RG Catalyst: The OCLugo Company provides a variety of absorbents,...
  • Safety
    Products for use in Respirators and Mining Safe Havens: The...

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