Activated Carbon

activated carbon oc lugo

Activated Carbon is a key filtration media in a variety of industries.  Applications range from food and beverage markets to waste water treatment and bio-filtration.  Activated Carbons have the ability to remove odors, chemical impurities, and contaminants providing purer products.

The OCLugo Co. can provide an extensive line of Activated Carbon filtration media.  All our carbons are coconut shell based which have a greater porosity and surface area. We also feature a line of impregnated carbons which include copper, acid, and base washed carbons.  Both our standard Activated Carbon and Copper Impregnated are available in a variety of mesh sizes.

ACG-50 3×6 Standard
ACG-50 4×8 Standard
ACI-HIKA-G 3×6 Impregnated
ACI-HIKA-G 4×8 Impregnated
ACI-HIKA-III 3×6 Impregnated