RG Catalyst

RG Catalyst OC Lugo

RG or Refinery Grade Catalyst is used for purification of ethylene and propylene streams in the petrochemical industry.  It is primarily designed for the removal of acidic contaminants at less than 20 ppb.  

Petrosorb RG Catalyst

Petrosorb RG Catalyst is a collective mixture of metal hydroxides that boosts the removal process of acidic contaminants, such as CO2 and H2S, from petrochemical streams.


Industrial/Petrochemical operations (such as Propylene and Ethylene purification, LPG sweetening, Gas condensate processing, and CFC manufacturing.)


Alkali Metals and Hydroxides.
Hydroxides are utilized in this base catalyzed chemical reaction for removal of undesirable acidic compounds. Water is also formed as a by-product.

Typical Reaction:

CO2 + Ca(OH)2 → CaCO3 + 2H2O
H2S + 2NaOH → Na2S + 2H2O


Typical Operating Conditions

Inlet Impurity:

Less than 15 ppm




Ambient to 250

wt% S/CO2

2% / 10% minimum

External Energy:


Additional Information

Packaging, Transport +

Petrosorb RG Catalyst is securely packaged and sealed for shipment (standard shipping applies). Petrosorb RG produces a solid waste material that is non flammable and can usually be safely disposed of to land fill (check with local landfill’s requirements for any constraints on residual soluble alkalinity).

Storage + Handling:

Store in a clean, dry environment. Avoid freezing and direct sunlight. Preferred temperature range is from 0 to 35 degrees C. Keep containers closed.


Skin and eye irritant. Avoid inhaling dust. General purpose rubber gloves, glasses and light dust mask recommended while working with catalyst. Wash after skin contact.


The O.C. Lugo Co., Inc. will replace any material found to be defective, but accepts no liability through improper storage, handling or application of this product.


All data provided herein is based upon years of research, laboratory testing and actual product usage. The O.C. Lugo Co., Inc. makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning this information.